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         Kigurumi performers are called Kiger, who wear a synthetic resin head shell and a body suit that covers from head to toe to give the performer the smooth skin of an anime character. On top of that, wear real people. Kigurumi's expressiveness is all about body language, so physique and performance are more demanding than cosplayers. The characters in the two-dimensional works are far more exaggerated than the real world, and Kiger is free from the constraints of human faces to present the two-dimensional characters to the three-dimensional world in the most reducible way.
         Kigurumi is an extension of Cosplay. The Kigurumi actor participated as a cosplayer in the exhibition. But Kigurumi is very different from Cosplay. The first is that Kigurumi needs to wear a mask. In this way, as long as the body is good enough and the movements are vivid, the actor's appearance and even gender can be completely ignored. In principle, no part of kiger's body is exposed in order to fully reflect the character, and the actor usually wears a skin-colored bodysuit that covers the body.