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 Each is completely one-of-a-kind and handmade to order, hot and fresh from our kigurumi-cos studio.
Provide animal drawings and I will give you Fursuit designs and quotes.
You can also design drawings, we give you a quotation to make products.
Starting Price: $500 
Averages between $500 and $2000 depending on complexity, but can reach higher if it's particularly complex.
Customized products take 15-30 days, please wait patiently!   When the product is finished, we will send it to you as soon as possible.

As a senior enthusiast, I can make "Fursuit designs" and sew "Fursuit" for myself. Formal "animal Fursuit " emphasize their unique originality and are usually self-assembled from materials such as fur, plastic eyeballs, and padded cotton. In recent years, with the spread of the term "orcish", a single animal claw, ear, or tail has become popular as a decorative e lement in the pan-two-dimensional sphere.
    To the outside world, it's just a heavy plush costume. However, behind this not only hides the pulse of some young people , but also the role played by "Fursuit " lovers beyond reality, which has become another incarnation of their personality.
    Each person's "Fursuit design" is unique, and a "Fursuit " naturally needs to be customized separately.

Hobbyists will share with each other how to make "Fursuit costume" : a complete Fursuit costume requires materials such as a sponge, wool cloth, resin and toner.
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