Spend as much time with our children in the fresh air as possible.
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By cherry | 18 November 2021 | 0 Comments

Spend as much time with our children in the fresh air as possible.

The sun is shining brightly. The weather needs to be maximised in the best way possible. Put on a cute animal onesies costume.
Spend as much time with our children in the fresh air as possible. Fun is strong.
What we can do with kigurumi, which includes:
- Walk to the park
- Walk to the forest
- Go to the playground with the kids
- Walk with the dog if we have
- You can also organize bike rides
- And ice skates and ice skates
A great outdoor activity is a variety of activities for children.
Such parties for children in the open air can be held in a variety of circumstances
For example, these could be:
- Birthday in the house (we'll do it in the garden)
- Kindergarten birthday (will be held on the kindergarten playground)
-Our child's name day
- School or kindergarten activities for children at the beginning of the school year
- Children's Integration on the estate
-Fall welcome party
- Summer farewell party
Organize various types of children's games and animations.
Dressed in animal onesies, children can play in different ways
These include the following attractions for children:
- Singing all kinds of children's songs
- You can dance with the children
- You can dance as animated characters with the kids
- You can play a variety of game characters
- You can organize sports competitions for children
- You can organize knowledge contests
The children will be delighted. They ran after them screaming with delight, and then there were more shouts of joy and joy. Beautiful spots for children's birthdays.
Wearing a Kigurumi, another attraction is the face painting. Such a drawing is a very interesting attraction because every child likes to be drawn and then can pretend to be someone else. On the children's faces were painted pictures of animals, such as tigers, cats, lions, teddy bears and rabbits. Some children choose images of different characters from fairy tales.
The most popular disguises are fairies, princesses, little Red Riding Hood, witches and clowns.
We associate it with holiday travel, walking to the park alongside our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers.
Another attraction for children at parties and birthdays, which is received with great enthusiasm, is that we can not only associate it with the cinema, but also with the beach by the sea or lake, parks or various types of activities.

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