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By liya | 13 September 2021 | 0 Comments

Sylveon kigurumi costumes designs where connections come from.

Sylveon kigurumi costumes designs where connections come from.
Sylveon's body is predominantly white. The top of its head, ears, tail and lower part of its legs are pink, and the inside of its ears are blue. The eyes are light blue. It has a bow on its left ear and a bow on its neck with two ribbons on the ends of which are pink, dark blue, and light blue in order.
Sylveon can use his bow-like tentacles to distract and attack, and his ribbon-like tentacles can send a calming wave to end a fight.
Sylveon likes to walk with her ribbon-like antennae wrapped around the arms of her beloved trainer. Sylveon is also fearless when he is in combat mode. Even when faced with a Dragon, which is several times bigger than himself, Sylveon flies at him without fear, just like the fairy tales in Galar.

About kigurumi: "KIGU" is the abbreviation of Japanese "Kigurumi", which literally means "animal character clothing". Known in Japan as "Camouflage Pajamas," has been around for decades.They are very popular and often seen.


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