What did Bulbasau inspire me? Do you like them?
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By Miya | 31 August 2021 | 0 Comments

What did Bulbasau inspire me? Do you like them?

What did Bulbasau inspire me? Do you like them? The design of this Bulbasau Kigurumi is made through his character. You might like them, too.
A Bulbasaur is a four-legged Pokemon that resembles a toad in appearance. It has bright red eyes, white pupils and sclera, and a pair of bulging ears on top of its head. Its nose is short and blunt, and it has a big mouth. When its mouth opens, a pair of small, pointed teeth in the upper jaw can be seen. Its skin is blue-green with dark green markings. Each of its thick legs has three toes on the soles of its feet, and each ends with a small white claw. The most striking feature of the Pokemon is the bulbous seed on its back, which has a symbiotic relationship with Bulbasaur, growing with her body from birth.
Although a Bulbasaur usually walks on four legs, the Bulbasaur can raise its hind legs. When it evolved into hyranopsis, its seed became a large bud, making it almost impossible to lift its hind legs.

Gender differences
Bulbasaur has no gender differences.
Special ability
The seeds on Bulbasaur's back allow it to learn a wide range of grass moves. Spores and gases, petals and seeds, can be released from the tip of the seed, while vines and leaves come from the bottom of the seed (or from its tip in the Pokemon special).
The seeds on the Bulbasaur's back absorb sunlight, so it can be used to restore HP through photocooperation and can also emit solar beams. It has powerful lung capacity and can even inhale gaseous Pokemon like Ghost.
When a Bulbasaur is about to evolve, the tips of the seeds on its back show a faint blue light. Every year, many Bulbasaur gather in a mysterious garden to evolve into The plant in a ceremony presided over by the flower.

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