Pokemon Dark Shiny Greninja
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By lyil | 25 August 2021 | 0 Comments

Pokemon Dark Shiny Greninja

Pokemon, the console game series pokemon developed by nintend o of Japan, is the final evolution of the original Pokemon of The Los System, Croak Bubble Frog. First seen in the sixth-generation game Pokemon XY, the anime Pokemon XY first features the satoshi version of Dark Shiny Greninja's morphological changes. In the seventh generation of the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, a trap evolution system is introduced. The trap evolution can be completed by knocking down a pokemon with Greninja, which features the trap evolution.


The shape of Dark Shiny Greninja is the treasure dream of the two-legged frog. The body and legs are dark blue, the chest is yellow, and each limb has a large white bubble. On each leg, there is a mark of a sword in the hand, which looks like a sword in the hand. The lower part of the face and pointed ears are pale yellow, and there are white spots above the eyes, which have white sclera, red iris and white pupils. The pink "scarf" around the neck is the tongue.

In the Sun/Moon Experience version of the game, Satoshi gives Greninja to the main character, and Greninja can become this form by knocking down an opponent and triggering the character to transform. At the end of the experience version, you will find a kukui archive saved to the sun/moon in the Pokemon Center, and it will also be transmitted from the sun/moon to the polar day/moon via communication. Because of its high level, the player does not listen until he has broken through the trials of the two islands.

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